Monday, January 10, 2022

Rush- A Farewell to Kings Deluxe Box Set

I hate to say, I am a huge fan of these box sets but damn, they cost too much in general but I was able to get this one for cheap cause there is some noise on 2 of the LP sides.  Anyway, this has been my 2nd favorite RUSH album and when I heard the Steven Wilson had done the 5.1 surround sound mix, I had to get it, one day..  The packaging is really nice with a replica 1977 Tour program, a ring, a print, turntable mat, and this triple LP and 3CD/DVD set.. 

Anyway, it was amazing to hear this in 5.1.  In the liner notes Steven writes that for some parts he needed to maintain the main three tracks pretty close to the original to get the feel and sound of the original and it is mainly the drums that he uses in the surround sound.  The tracks like Xanadu there is a of tubular bells, synths, etc. that made the track sound just incredible, like you would image it could, surrounding you with sound. Also Cygnas X1 is totally incredible, the spacey intro and other parts. Just amazing. The other songs sound great as well and the visuals are sparse but really cool with slight animations.. Good for the really stoned people!  The three videos they made, which are basically them playing live in a studio were cool to see as well. I don't think I had ever seen any of them. 

The live recording that comes from this tour is superb quality and while most (all but 4 songs) have been released before, not with this sonic quality and care.  It is the same tour as the All the worlds a Stage so the set list is pretty close.  A quite cool box...

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