Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Man and Robot Society- Robosapien (Sound Effect Records SER053)

This is a project by Jeff Hopp. He wrote, recorded and performed all the tracks.  The album features 7 spacey songs, with programmed drums/percussion (if there is any) and lots of spacey synths and samples. The opening track, Auto Pilot is a slow gliding song with minimal drums and a really nice synth line. There are some samples here and there and occasionally some strange sounds here and there. Dark Star is a longer track but also quite slow with some nice layers of synths over the slow bass drone. There is some really spacey stuff with some nice panning effects. Later a more organ like synth takes the lead as some of the themes are repeated over and over again. Unteathered EVA is like a one min track. Robosapien is a slightly faster pace and the percussion slowly get faster as the track grows with two main synth lines, a new age like one and a more freaky one. Every now and then a trippy sound will fly through the soundscape. Side 2 starts with a track Acid Reign with some really nice synth layers and is a bit more focused. A few new songs appear. Absolute Zero is a darker track, could be in a sci fi movie as you travel down a path unknown and not idea what might jump out…  Probe Alpha One is a strange one and also you feel like you are inside a robot of sorts…   This music is pretty cool but also for a pretty limited audience of space heads… Check it out..


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