Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Mad Farmer’s Liberation Front- Green Bean, Tábua, Portugal Dec 8th, 2018

The Mad Farmers Liberation Front (MFLF) are a band from Lomba (Benfeita) , Portugal. This was their official CD release party. This is the 2nd time we have seen them live here at the Green Bean, a great local vegan/vegetarian café and coffee house.  They are a 3 piece band lead by guitar, violin-vocalist, Kin. Steve on keyboards (one he plays the bass lines on) and Rob on drums. All the members sing. Kin started off the show by saying this was a spontaneous event, nothing is planned, it is improvised and just set yourself free and have fun as if this was the last 2hrs on earth!  They played 2 sets of music, each about an hour. They has some microphone feedback issues during the first set that were a bit annoying but we all managed.

This is a very eclectic band, playing so many styles of music. The first set was primarily violin driven with Kin only playing guitar 2x. The funky track that I filmed is one of the tracks. They played quite a few of the songs from their recently released CD. These tracks are pretty straightforward songs with really positive lyrics and also some political as well.  

They play Balkan, Klezmer, Irish jigs, Russian jigs, funky, reggae, jazzy stuff.. Pretty amazing and a lot of jamming.  It is a fun and cool band and people were really dancing and having a great time.  Check out their web site.  I will post a review of the CD soon but they are very much a live band.

Some of the freaky audience

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