Thursday, December 20, 2018

Bismut- Schwepunkt (Lay Bare Recordings LBR021)

Bismut is a pretty new Dutch band featuring Peter, Hulbert and Nick.  The album is 4 pretty long pieces (between 8-14mins in length) of pretty jammed out and improvised stoner rock.  It was all recorded live in the studio with no edits in April 2018. Side A starts off with a pretty slow, stoney track but mostly it a long lead guitar jam with the other guys following along for nearly the first half of the song and then they kick into a riff and groove and off we go.  The guitar goes off into sound effect mode briefly towards the end of the track while the drums and bass keep it moving forward. Stórborg is next and a more heavy riff oriented track with a sort of menacing song that keeps you a bit on the edge, as I felt the track might just really explode but it didn’t. Side B starts with Gewapende Magte. This track is a monster with some really cool and fast guitar work but also hypnotic.  I was drawn in. The riffing is intense and heavy at the end. Very metallic and aggressive. Glad no one is screaming at me!! Czar continues the intensity for another 9min powerful track. The riffing is really intense and the drums and bass just keep it simple. Give this album several goes if you don't get it right away. I was really drawn in after a few listens and dug this a lot. 

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