Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Agusa- In Concert (Pancromatic Records PLP2033)

Agusa are back with another live album, the 2nd released in 2 months! I have not heard the double live in Rome one but this one was recorded in Greece in December 2016 and released on the Norwegian label, Pancromatic. It features 3 long tracks.  It starts off with Lande Längesen/ Sorgenfri and quite mellow with some beautiful flute playing. It is great to hear Uti vär Hage, from the first album played live again. A lot of good energy and a couple of great guitar solos in this track. The whole band is really on fire and sounding good. The recording has this sort of compressed, not super dynamic sound but all instruments are clear and the mix is decent. The B side is long track Gåanglåt fråan Vintergatan. It starts slowly with the drums and organ, after a short spoken introduction. Long organ solo and also a drum solo is included on this track as well. The band really shines. It is pressed in 500 copies on clear vinyl and 250 on a gold/purple vinyl.


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