Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Sista Maj- Localized Pockets of Negative Entropy (Self Released/Adansonia Records)

Sista Maj is a project in Stockholm lead by Jonathan Segel (Camper van Beethoven, Øresund Space Collective and others) on guitars and violin and also features:
Mikael Tuominen—bass (Kungens Mãn, Automatism),
Andreas Axelsson—drums
Per Wiberg—keyboards (
(Opeth, Spiritual Beggars, Candelmass)
Mattias Olsson—additional percussion, synthesizers, etc
on "Owls" and "Hi, Who Are You?" 

How thick is your Veil starts things off with a long jam that is mostly violin driven with a slow flow of bass and drums, the occasional synth and later some guitar filters in. OWLs is a great track and starts off directly out of the spacey end of the previous track with some great bass lines and very intense violin as this track builds up. Great jam. Far from Nothing starts with some nice organ playing and guitar interplay. Later a long guitar solo is played as an almost smooth jazz groove is laid down. Keys also make this one quite psychedelic. Yet more Veils changes the mood completely and the violin returns. This one has a lot of repetition as it evolves and is a much shorter track.
Hi, who are You? Starts with some guitar and slow building as the drummer plays mostly the cymbals and the bass line is searching and waiting for the main event to begin. Some very nice keyboards filtering in as well.  Almost tribal drumming with some nice organ and guitar as it builds up. I really like the guitar on this one.  The last track on the album is High Salvage. This is a slow spacey track with some heavy guitar chords here and there as it flows down the river of sound. Nice album.

It appears that this album will be released on the German label, Adasonia, who has also released several Kungens Män albums. Look out for it next year on vinyl.

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