Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Blackberry Smoke- The Southern Ground Sessions LP (Earache Records)

Blackberry Smoke has been one of my favourite southern rock bands for the past few years but sadly, they are on a downward slope and I am afraid their best and most rocking days are over.  This new EP features 5 songs from their last studio album (Find a Light) recorded acoustic in the studio with some special guests. There are not huge differences in the way they are played on the records and sadly, the really horrible and commercial song, Best seat in the House, is included. It is terrible pop song that I skip on the album when I play it. Amanda Shires plays the fiddle on Let me down Easy and You Got Lucky. Mother Mountain features Oliver Wood. You can check out Medicate your Mind below.  If you were a big fan of their last record, you will probably really like this but seeing as their last record was their weakest one ever (a lot due to Charlie getting some help from people to write more commercial songs), I won’t play this one much.  I really hope they decide to go back to their early days (Bad Luck and Little bit of Dixie) and decide to rock out again and not become a soft country pop act.  We will see but the trend is not looking good as their last 3 records are also my least favourite, each one weaker songs than the one before. Come on Charlie., let rock again! 

Here is how I rate their studio records: The best to the worst
(I did not include the two live albums)
1. Whipporwheel
2. Little Piece of Dixie
3. Bad luck ain’t no crime
4. Holding all the Roses
5. Like an Arrow
6. Find a light

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