Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Fanatism- The Future Past (Drone Rock Records/Liud & Bild KLBCD009)

Fanatism, is another band featuring members of Kungens Män from Stockholm.  This album features 8 tracks of some pretty hypnotic rock music starting off with the dark track, Når man allting sett.  This one has a great bass line and some heavier guitar parts, which meld nicely into some great melodic layers. Cool track. Shiv-li Yeah has a sort of eastern like feel to the guitar parts with this shimmery synth in the background and more laid back vocal. Quantum Fuzz changes the mood totally with a slow track with two styles of guitar mixed in for a great mood change. Later there are a few saxophone blasts just to keep you on your toes! The vocal arrangements are interesting as well. Upon the Cross starts with a heavy fuzz bass and then the band kicks in and the vocal, Upon the Cross is repeated many times and is the only ting sung (like Pharaoh Overlord might do). As this track really builds up then the saxophone kicks in with a great solo. Excellent song. Tiden Rinner slows thing down quite a bit with an almost depressing mood to this track. The bass playing and tracks reminds me of early Pink Floyd in a way. Nackögen starts off being lead by the bass line as the synths sort of layer in and out to give it a bit of a psychedelic feel. The slide guitar with effects is also quite cool. A unique track. One of us can not be Me (great song title!) takes us back to where the LP started with another sort of hypnotic mid-paced track with another killer bass line. The Future Past closes out this excellent album. I was quite surprised how much I dug this record. Excellent work guys. Very different from Automatism and Kungens Män but if you like those bands for sure check this out below, where you can hear the entire album. 

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