Saturday, October 20, 2018

Shadowmaster/ The Hyle- The Fall (Phonosphera Records ph15)

This is the 2nd in the series of split LPs on Phonospera records and features two bands from Scandinavia. The Hyle are from Denmark (I saw them way back in 2014). These two tracks are from a digital only EP the band released in Jan 2016 and starts off with the heavy doomy Vaitaranee Nadee.  Nice sound production and laid back vocal to compliment the dark, heavy foreboding riffs. This is a long and moody track with some nice melodic sections and guitar parts as well.  Samaa is a very heavy, slow, prodding, reminds me a bit of Albino Rhino, with a bit of a psychedelic edge the way the vocal has an effect on it. This track features some really nice guitar solo parts towards the end with a interesting use of some effects as it builds up at the end. Intense.

Shadowmaster hail from Sweden and these three tracks all come from their digital album they released on bandcamp back in Aug 2017.  The track Seven Witches fades up with an old movie sample and features a shouty, violent vocal mixed into the repetitive doomy start. Heavy stuff but I am not much of a fan of this type of vocal but I like the last vocal section where they put a strange effect on it. The highly effected bass solo is really cool and really makes this track. The Lizard King is a short track with just electric guitar and this leads into When shadow binds your Soul. As the title suggests, this is a slow dark doomy track. I like they way they mix it up with some interesting effected guitar at the end as it gets really hypnotic and stoned.  Heavy stuff.

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