Wednesday, March 29, 2017

ØSC, Black Moon Circle, Træsmak- Loppen, Christiania March 18th, 2017

It has been a couple of years since we last played at Loppen. As this is my favorite club, anywhere in the world, to play, it was a great choice of venue for my going away party. It was quite an emotional event this evening. I am just so glad a lot of good friends and fans from around Europe could make it. Hubert from Austria, Artsi, Santtu, Eetu, Jaire, Vesa, Hekka from Finland, lots of friends from Sweden, some from Hamburg, etc…  And of course the local Danish crowd that supports us (I can’t name you all!!). We had a pre-sale of around 100 tickets so that is great. I guess we had around 200 in the end.

Træsmak, Johan, from First band from outer Space’s new band were great. The crowd really seem to like this 70s sound and vibe sung in Swedish. They played mostly all originals. They tried to play Freedom by Buffalo, a request from me, but it was too dark for Johan to read the lyrics, so they aborted the song. Later they did Mount Everest by November. Good show but they ran a bit over time. I guested on 2 songs with them.

Black Moon Circle (foto by Vesa)
The Black Moon Circle gig was great despite the bass amplifier breaking down just after the opening number, American Eagle. This was a 10min break while they tried to sort it out. I did a bit of synth space out for the last 4mins. Then we went directly into Lunar Rocket and out ending jam track, Warp Speed. This was the longest version of that song and maybe our best ever, although I think Vemund maybe played more intense guitar on the Roadburn version but it was not 27mins!!  People were really into it. You can hear the entire show below..

The ØSC gig got amazing reviews from people and although we started 30mins later than planned the place was still pretty packed with people. About 200 I guess. Lars did amazing lights and the sound was great.  Everyone played at a high level. I was pretty tired though and was the weak link as this was my third gig of the night.  We had 7 jams in 2hrs ranging from around 12 mins to 28mins in length. You can hear the show at the link below.  Musically, we had never had this line up before with Nicklas (Papir), Tobias (Carpet Knights) on guitars, Jonathan on violin. Martin, Jiri, me and Mogens have played a lot together though.  I think the people wanted more but I was very tired now and it was after 02.35…. Check out the concert below.

Great night. Thanks to everyone who came out and to my great band of super talented musicians. You guys are the fucking best…… It will be a year before ØSC plays in Denmark with Dr Space again. Jiri is keeping the band alive and they will still play without me once I have left Denmark.. Keep an eye out..

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