Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Jonathan Segel- Superfluidity (Bumps of Goose FREED5058)

Multi-instrumentalist, Jonathan Segel (Camper van Beethoven, Sista Maj, Øresund Space Collective and many others projects) is back with a double CD of songs and jams.  Besides the female vocals (Kelly, Sanna), drums (Mattias, Chris and Andreas),  and Trombone (Stian),  Jonathan plays everything else.  The first CD is mostly 3min tracks with some really cool and fun lyrics and remind me of the shorter tracks on Hieronymous Firebrain and the Dent CDs he released years back, while the longer tracks (my faves), Sleep for a hundred years, Phenomenon and On and Like Mercury, have a lot more going on and some amazing music.  The 2nd CD is again a mix of 2-5mins vocal oriented tracks but two instrumentals (The Dying Stars- great..) and The luxury of Living. Overall, this is a very electic and excellent set of music. A great starter if you have never heard his work and if you are a fan you will like it as well.  Playing with people like Mattias (Drums) and Micke (Kungens Man) has been a great thing for Jonathan. Also check out Sista Maj ( . Enjoy..

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