Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Causa Sui- Live in Copenhagen 3LP box + 10” (El Paraiso Records)

Causa Sui have part of the Copenhagen music scene for over 10 years and while their live activity has seen fewer and fewer shows over the years, us living in Copenhagen have always had the chance to see some very special events in places like Dæmonens Port, Dragens Hule, and Copenhagen Jazz House, as well as the normal venues like Loppen.  The band released the double live at Freak Valley LP just two years ago but there is not a lot of overlap in material compared to this box set. Both shows were quite special here, starting with the most recent from the Copenhagen Jazz House from summer 2015.  Johan Ridenlow (Saxophone) has played with the band live quite a few times and is on 5 of the tracks. Nicklas (Papir) guitar player is a special guest with the band on 3 of the tracks from the Dragens Hule concert and these are amazing. Side F is pretty mindblowing stuff. Really sad that I had missed this show.  Amazing box set with great sleeve artwork, a cool box, etc.. A must have release if you like this band or are just a fan of instrumental, psychedelic improvised jam rock!  If you were lucky enough to get a copy with the extra 10” (only the first 300 orders from their web shop), it is two tracks each about 8mins recorded on 12.28.16… The download card features another extra track as well!  Great value.

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