Friday, January 6, 2017

Silverleaf- Silverleaf (Bilocation Records)

Silver Leaf is a fairly new Copenhagen band featuring Lene (Fuzz Manta, Cherry Overdrive) on bass/vocals, Morgan (Fuzz Manta) on Guitars, and Morten (Nicolai Wilhelm Tell & the Tea Company) on drums. It took the band quite a while to get this album out to the people but it was worth the wait. All recorded analog in Germany. 6 tracks between 4 and 10mins in length and starting with the politically charged Rats and Seagulls. This has a pretty cool stoner rock groove but then some nice melodic vocals and back into the groove and then a long and excellent guitar solo. A great opening number. Ocean Turquoise is the shortest track at 4:18 and again has a cool stonerish groove and nice wah solo by Morgan. Really solid bass and drums driving this one. Modern Hero is a 10min track and starts with a 90 second instrumental section. When the vocals kick in they are a bit more relaxed with the nice delay on the voice giving he track a bit more of a dreamy psychedelic feel. Really cool guitars on this one (there are several layers at times). The middle section is a bit heavier. I prefer Pepper has the heaviest guitar riff on the record and this pretty mean riff on this slow rocker. Keep Running has a really catchy groove and hook in this mid paced rock and roll number. The Protector closes out the record with a ballad like start and also features Richard Olsen on the organ with a long solo. A really nice laid back and totally different track.  What a great record. I was really surprised. Great job.

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