Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Go Bananas- Erutan (Self Released)

Go Bananas are a band from Salszburg, Austria, who I met and became friends with when ØSC played with Baby Woodrose in 2012 in Salszburg. They only had their debut album out at this time. This is a super cool record. All the covers are handmade and it is made in only 111 copies. The Banana theme is still in place and the band has a lot of humor as well as a cool mix of serious spacey stoner rock! The record features 7 tracks over 4 album sides. It starts off with the track, Never buy weed from an Alien for more than 386 liters of Water! A very nice spacey guitar line starts things off and some spacey sounds here and there before it starts to get much heavier a stoner rock like groove kicks in. A fantastic song.. Inna jo Inna Ging is a more uptempo stoner rock track with some psychedelic effects and sounds thrown in and some cool guitar solos as well as the stoned groove. The band has really grown in it’s sound and song writing from the first record. Flip over to side B for the long Vulko, which is instrumental and starts off with a slow building guitar line and spacey section before it builds up with some nice bass lines mirroring the main guitar while staying quite spacey and floating. It ends in a heavy fashion with some wah guitar solos. SUN starts with some beautiful guitar and then really takes off and develops into a real rocker but with a great sense of melody. BP-Black Death starts off side C with a beautiful guitar line before the rest of the instruments slowly enter into the mix. This track takes the entire side and takes a dramatic and heavier turn around 3mins. The mid-section has some nice ØSC-Hawkwind like space synth sounds as the rest of the band rides the track through all the different changes and themes that come and repeat themselves as it builds up to its ending. The final vinyl side has two tracks, GB and Ondas. GB is a short intro track, while Ondas starts off with a killer guitar riff, even though it is one I am sure I have heard before. Man the band really groove on this one but the band brings it down and really spaces it out. I have to say I really love this great record and cool to see the band taking a pretty different path from their wild stoner rock beginnings. Great stuff…

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