Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Albino Rhino- Albino Rhino (Inverse Records INV127)

Albino Rhino is a new three piece Finnish band from Helsinki. They had an EP out last year and this is the new full length record. The CD is 4 tracks in about 40mins. The Forest Prevails starts things off with 9mins of heavy riffing. The sound is very compressed and strange with the bass and guitar mixed really in your face. It is very repetitive and then changes slightly at times to give it a bit of a twist and turn like some wind sweeps and the riff will change a bit. You can tell these guys like Electric Wizard! Sanctification is next and features Kimmo, the guitarist on vocals. The vocals are in the style of OM and Sleep as the heavy riffing continues. There is a short guitar solo section before back to the heavy riffing. Blue Mist is sung by the bass player Ville. While the vocals have changed, the music stays very down tuned and heavy. This track is more uptempo and reminds me of someone but I can’t place it? Kimmo plays some solo guitar which really changes the feeling of the track towards the end. The CD ends with the 14½ min track, Uphold the Light part 1. This one starts off with a really cool almost like solo guitar riff before the heavy stuff kicks in and it for sure brings some more light to the heavy start of this record. Each track is a bit different on this EP, making it pretty cool. Clearly, groups like Sleep, OM and Electric Wizard are the major influences on this group. Check them out…

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