Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ethiva- Ethiva (Clostridium Records CR010)

Ethiva is a new Spanish band released on the German Clostridium record label. Hope of Lamp of the Universe, Arc of Ascent, Propane Propane and other cool bands. The LP starts off with Forest of Pigeons. This track starts with very beautiful, melodic and building guitar parts before the vocals come in. The track just floats in a nice way and javi plays some fantastic guitar. Jandro plays the bass and does the lead vocals. Clouds has this airy singing that sort of floats over the guitar lines while Ramon builds the drums up. This one gets quite heavy as the riff repeats itself and then comes down to a more spacey feeling. When the Great Whale Comes is the heaviest track on the side with some more heavy slow parts. Fantastic guitar on this track. Flip the record over for the Eleventh. This song has a beautiful guitar line and again those floating vocals. The end of the track kicks in with a riff a lot like Monkey3. Chemical train is a bit more uptempo at the start but then really floats with some nice bass playing to lead the spacey section. Great track. No Birds soars too High ends this excellent record with an uptempo track with a rocking solo.I highly recommend this for people who like mostly instrumental music with some really nice and dramatic guitar parts mixed with a great Pink Floyd vibe at times. I really love this record. The artwork is really amazing and if you get the die hard version it includes a small puzzle. I have never seen that in any record.

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