Sunday, February 3, 2013

Timemazine- Issue #7 (Greece)

Timemazine is a super cool magazine from Greece. IT often comes with a CD or 7” record of rare or unreleased material. In this case you get both with a super cool 7” record of unreleased material by the excellent Greek band, Purple Overdose. The CD that comes with the issue features a mixture of released and unreleased material by the bands that there are articles on in the issue. The unreleased tracks are by the Bevis Frond, Permanent Clearlight, Cranium Pie, Sendelica and a rare uncut version of an old Alrune Rod song covered by Spids Nøgenhat! This issue has long, in-depth and great interviews with a wide range of people in the psychedelic music scene, some from the early days like Mark Weitz and George Bunnell from Strawberry Alarm Clock, Keith Law from Jardine to more contemporary people like Lorenzo Woodrose (Spids Nøgenhat, Dragontears, Baby Woodrose) and the Flying Eyes. I have read a lot of interviews with Nick Saloman from the Bevis Frond, but I have to say this was one of the best I have read. The article on Evi Hassapides Watson was very interesting as I had never heard of her.  It is a really excellent magazine and I highly recommend you check it out if you like to read some interesting stories about bands you may know and some you may not know.

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  1. Really appreciate this!
    Thanks for your support!
    Psychedelically Yours...
    cheers from Greece!
    TimeLord Michalis