Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hemmelig Tempo- Who put John Cage on the Guestlist? (Gazul Records GA8850)

This is a very strange but also pretty cool CD but you just have to approach it will open ears. This group of Norwegians have been performing live for some years but this is their debut CD on the Gazul label, a side label of Musea. The material here was mainly played live in 2008 in locations in and around Bergen in Norway. It features Dokto Døv, Professor Fokuda-San, and Professor Waffel (can be seen playing with SEID) playing a wide range of analog synthesizers and effects with the occasional vacuum cleaner, water filled bucket and other strange things. The tracks are quite variable in length. I quite like the title track the way it has this mysterious drone and then these sounds like someone is trying to eat the tapes in the background or something strange is happening. Later some analog loops drive the track after a strange transition. This kind of strange drone, electronic trip music is pretty hard to describe. First Report from the Temporary Laboratory of Buddha Pavilion, has a dreamy like state with static sounds, bells, and a NASA sound sample at the end. Doktor Døvs on the last sound you will ever here is pretty strange stuff as well lasting nearly 10 mins. How to wear a lab coat is a track that is really cut up into strange pieces, samples, sounds, evolutions. Notes from Professor Fokudas mountain Seminar starts of droney and different sounds enter and leave at what seems to be random as the track evolves, sputters, trips, falls, gets back up again and finally leaves. The last track only lasts 4 seconds and then the 51min trip is over. The music is totally experimental, far out, challenging, sometimes exciting, sometimes a bit too weird but always intriguing for patient people. Cool stuff.

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