Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mr. Peter Hayden- Born a Trip (Kauriala Society KAU-004)

The great Finnish band, Mr. Peter Hayden is back with their 2nd full length CD. The last one released 2 years ago was an amazing trip and this one is just as intense. Wow.. The CD is basically three main trips organized into multiple parts over 68mins (even though the CD is one long track with no track mark breaks). It was all recorded in one day in 2011 at the home studio in the Finnish countryside and over the last year multiple overdubs were added. It comes in a fantastic handmade sleeve like their last release as well but right now, sit on the sofa, light one up or have a beer and crank this one up and get ready to take a trip…… The opening has a very slow and heavy build up (like Dark Budda Rising). About 10mins in the rhythm changes, the space sounds start to become more intense and the guitar really kicks in while a repetitive riff keeps the trip moving. The organ comes in after a while and around 19mins the track really comes down to a slow and spacey part that does not last too long before the heavy guitar, bass and drums return under a layer of a really spaced out synth drone. At 31 mins it begins to space out again with the guitars playing a larger role but more making spacey sounds and delays, etc.. instead of solos. I guess you could all these solos of sorts. When the riff comes back again it is less heavy and doomy as the first 35 mins and more melodic and spacey around 40mins. At 43mins the mood changes as the heavy doomer stuff return with the organ. This dynamic of short heavy, short spaced out sections continues for some time. The track comes back with the same heavy riff as the it just slowly builds from about 55mins to the end and it gets a bit more psychedelic. Phew….

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