Sunday, June 24, 2012

Drug Free Youth- The Avocado Index (Nowhere Street Music 030)

Drug Free Youth are a newish Greek band (not sure you can call it a band as George records all the instruments himself and sings) that has had some tracks on compilations for the Greek Magazine Gew Gaw. This is a full length CD featuring a lot of keyboard driven 60s inspired psychedelic music tracks that are all pretty short. There are also many short instrumental tracks. There are 19 tracks in 39 mins. It is very 60s sounding with the organ, fuzz and reverb guitar, echoey voice, etc.. A Cat is a short track that reminds me a lot of the Mandra gora lightshow society. The mysteries of Life is a more psychedelic track with some multiple layers of stuff happening. Bonus beats is a short instrumental that I really wish was much longer as he had a great idea going here… Miniature Ninjas is pretty fun and has a special ending. Two of the tracks, the titles are in Greek letters! This is a very special and personal release that George has made. IT would be great if he had a band to further develop these short ideas-songs further. I still quite enjoyed hearing this music a few times.

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