Friday, September 23, 2011

Hawkwind- Leave no Star Unturned (Easy Action EARS041)

They have unearthed another classic live Hawkwind concert from the 70s! This one is from Cambridge Jan 27th, 1972. Terry Ollis was just kicked out of the band and this was one of the first concerts with Simon King on drums. The band is in full blown space mood here and the sound quality is pretty good for this era. The recording was made using two microphones above the stage and a few channels from the board, so the mix is not always perfect but the power of the band and the raw energy and psychedelia blast straight through if you crank this one up! Bob Calvert does several spoken word pieces and even sings an early version of Silver Machine. The best pieces are of course the high intensity You SHouldn’t do that, Born to Go (Encore) and Master of the Unverse. The band space out nicely with the Awakening and You know you are only dreaming. A very cool release with a nice booklet with pictures by Danish rock photographer, Jørgen Angel. The live concert photos are from Huset in Copenhagen 1973. Nice packaging. I hope the vinyl version comes out soon.

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