Friday, July 15, 2011

Rhinobucket- And then it got Uglier (Rhinobucket)

This was an official live bootleg that I was given by someone who works for the band who was walking around in the audience at Sweden Rock Festival 2011 when we were watching the band rockout. IT features two concerts, one from Indianapolis 2007 and the other from Philadelphia 1990. Only a three of the songs are the same on the two concerts (Blood on the Crosss, Ride the Rhino and One Night Stand). The first show from 2007 is a pretty decent audience recording and very representative of what the band was like in 2011 at the Sweden Rock festival. The 2nd show from 1990 has a bit more raw energy some how. I have no idea if you can buy this from the band or how you get it. It says “not for sale, Only for Fans”… Not sure how you get one if you are fan of the band or collector.

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