Friday, July 15, 2011

The Hawklords- The Barney Bubbles Memorial Concert (Black Widow Records)

 Back in November 2009 in London, they held a concert in memory of Barney Bubbles who committed suicide back in 1984. He was the main artist who did the Hawkwind Space Ritual fold out artwork, Hawkwind stage sets, and lots of other work for the band. The band had a very close relationship with him and his art and both influenced each other a lot. I am not sure if this was Nik Turner’s idea but I think so. I still am not sure why they would call this the Hawklords when only Harvey Bainbridge actually played on the Hawklords material and they don’t play any Hawklord era songs either. Anyway, this is a pretty cool double vinyl set (100 on blue vinyl, 400 on black vinyl) with great 6 side fold out cover. It also comes with a small poster as well. As for the music, it is also very high energy Hawkwind covers. Ron Tree, from the mid-90s Hawkwind line up is one of the main vocalist and mostly pretty good but sometimes a bit annoying. Alan Davey and Adrian Shaw share the bass duties, Jerry Richards the guitar, Harvey and Steve Swindells the synths and of course Nik! Most of the classic Hawkwind tracks are played like including Silver Machine, You shouldn’t do that, Steppenwolf, Sonic Attack, 7 by 7, Born to Go, Brainstorm, Master of the Universe, etc.. Enjoy..

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  1. Just had a listen to this album yesterday and about to spin side 1 on the radio right shortly in fact. Pretty solid album for any Hawk Heads out there!