Friday, July 15, 2011

Gudars Skymning- Mörka Vallen (Blood Rock Records BRR005)

Gudars Skymning is a fairly new Swedish group playing 70’s rock. Some times they sound like November but not quite as intense. All the songs are sung in Swedish and this band rocks! This is the bands 2nd release and they are going into the studio in September to record their third! The opening track, Jag är en Trollkarl starts off with some slide guitar but then the harder riff kicks in and the track has a nice groove. It is funny how the Swedish bands that play this style of music, the singers always sound a bit similar, maybe it is the language? Kenny is an ok singer but not that amazing or standing out that much. Södersläntsblues sounds just like November to me and is a bit slower bluesy track as the title suggests but it also has a hard power riff and some nice soloing at the end. Källar-Tony has Kenny really pressing his voice to try to sing in a way he can’t really handle. This song does not really do much for me until the end section where the band has some nice melody guitars and build up. Pengar is a harder hitting track with some nice harmony guitars. The mid section is a bit Trower inspired. Aldrig har jag vetat is a Swedish cover of the Mountain song, Never in my Life with a strange twisted ending where they play part of Starship Trooper by YES. Pretty cool. Hyfs och fason features some double tracked vocals and again some nice guitar interactions and a similar hard rock guitar riff. I älvens svarta djup is the longest track on the record, just over 6 mins and they revisit a lot of the things they have displayed on the record already. There is a nice wah solo towards the end but too short. The last track is called Fri and is quite short and does not have a lot of lyrics and starts with a nice guitar solo and is a bit more southern rock inspired. The CD ends with a straight up version of Never in my Life sung in English. If you are a fan of the Swedish bands Magnolia, Svarte Pan, Abramis Brama, Lotus, and of course November, you will also dig these guys. I think a lot of their songs sound a bit too much the same but I did enjoy the record and it comes in a very nice triple sleeve digipack with a booklet with all the Swedish lyrics. 

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