Friday, May 6, 2011

Trouble- Revelations (Life and Death) (High Rollers Records HRR 091)

This was announced some time ago and it has finally arrived. These are the very earliest recordings of Trouble beginning with the first demo tape from 1980, which I had never heard these songs before. I had heard their other demos though. Anyway, these first three songs are pretty cool and really just good NWOBHM like hard rocking tracks. Child of Tomorrow you can hear the start of the use of the dual guitars that would become a signature for the band. Eric’s voice is totally different as well. Then we get the Tempter, Revelation and Assassin and besides being more raw, they are very similar to the final recorded versions on the first record. Flip over the record and you have the last demo from 1982, which is the Wickedness of Man, which was also on the 1st record. The Fall of Lucifer is just fantastic. The last two tracks on the record were recorded on a Chicago cable TV program in 1982 and have decent audio but are both amazing tracks- Psalm 9 and Victim of the Insane. Wow. A very cool record. Only 500 copies made. I managed to get one of the blue-yellow ones which there are only 100 of!

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