Friday, April 9, 2021


I have never heard of this Croatian band before and while the songs are most very short, the longer ones are really interesting and unique.  Pijan od Krvi starts things off with a short 1.27 min noisy rocker. Delta changes the vibe totally with a more airy spaced out vocal over a bass line and floating synths a few blows of sax. Zlantna Beba finally breaks the 2min mark and goes back to a punky sort of noise rock guitar but the bass and drums are a big contrast to the guitar. Vocal is a bit more shouty and not really easy to understand at all. Quite an ominous edge develops on the music. Igrice is just about a min long and features some programmed beats, distance vocals, like a megaphone at a war rally and spacey synths. Gestatten Sie has a more manic vocal and some cool sounds and but a rough nasty guitar. You get sucked into this one and then the sax freaks you out a bit and then back to it again. Picina Voda ends this short record. The vocal is quite creepy on another energetic track. Quite trippy and a unique arrangement. Wow… 

The band is: Dario Orač – vocals, Krešimir Stojanović – guitar, Petar Glova – bass guitar, Slaven Jedvaj – synth, Marko Galetić – drums, and Ivan Krajačić (session musician) – tenor saxophone.

The main issue with the CD is the cost as you only get about 14mins of music!!  Released on the Albin Julius label (from Der Blutharsch) Cool stuff though and great Francis bacon inspired artwork. 


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