Friday, April 9, 2021

Domboshawa- Mountain View (Drone Rock Records DRR043)

This is yet another brilliant record by Anders (based in Stockholm, Sweden) and released on vinyl. Anders is a very prolific multi-instrumentalist who is adding stuff to his band camp page all the time.  It is great to see him compile his favourite or best new material once a year or so for a vinyl release.   This album features one most rocking heavy track per side and then some spaced out drone stuff.  It is a really good mix of tracks. Earth is very laid back with some nice guitars with delays and some synths here and there as it just glides a long until it goes Syd Barrett territory! Cool.  Väklande Molnighet starts very spacey and dreamy but with a dark drone and feel to it.  Hjälmaren has a heavy bass line and some awesome guitar playing.  A few synths sounds here and there but this is about the heavy, spacey guitar solo.. Silverhjärna is a mellow spacey track with drone synths, slow bass and floating guitar textures. The theme from the guitar slowly gets more mysterious and dark. Föben is the closing track and starts with a drone and some spacey guitar and synth. 

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