Sunday, July 12, 2020

The World is our Lobster (Friends of the Fish CD9)

This is a new compilation CD sent out to Fruits de Mer club members.  It features mostly tracks taken from albums that have been released or not by Fruits de Mer. Only the Stray Owls track is totally unreleased.  I have never heard some of these bands (Silver Vials, Vilse I Pannkakan, James McKeown, The Sugarman Band, Scott William Urquart) and others have several songs or releases on the label like Stay, Superfjord and Cary Grace.  Anyway, this is a killer compilation. We were listening on the patio at beer o’clock the other day and it just took us away to another place. Superfjord provide perhaps the best track  Psychic Lemon’s track, Seeds of Tranquility is so brilliant. Fans of the label will for sure love this.  It is a great compilation. 

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