Sunday, July 12, 2020

Frozen Planet 1969- Cold Hand of a Gambling Man (Headspin Records MEXS024)

I really dig this band from Australia. I have all their albums except the first 10”. It is so hard to get. Damn….  The band sent me their first couple of releases on CD for review. Anyway, they are a instrumental trio who at least once a year head into the studio and just record some cool jams and take the ones they like the best and put out a record and I buy it as I really like them.  They have a cool collaboration with artist John Debono-Cullen, who creates these great stories and artwork. Anyway, this album features 6 tracks and the opening one, A Sombre Gathering, has a really heavy wah ridden guitar riff, quite different from other tracks they have recorded and the guitar is really mixed in your face!  It gets into DOOM territory at the end. As always there is great solid drums and bass and some wicked guitar leads spread out in the tracks. 900 Mile Head Rush is a very short interlude piece that goes into In the Shadows of Forces Unknown and slows things with some nice delay guitar. Frank has some cool guitar effects.  Side B kicks in with Of Medicine and Moonshine. A bit of Hendrix vibe and a really nice use of effects and killer bass and drums on this one, in fact the entire side has this groove and feel. Cool stuff, again.. Thanks Guys..

July 18th, they are doing a live concert stream. It will broadcast around lunch time here in Europe..  Check their facebook page for details.

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