Sunday, October 22, 2017

Gin Lady- Electric Earth (Bilocation Records)

This is the Swedish bands, 4th record. I had only heard the last one and really liked it but they really hit the ball out of the park on this one! What a fucking great record!! I just got this one in and my wife and I are spinning it everyday! Fantastic vocals, great songs and playing. The songs take me back to the early 70s… Flower People starts things off with a mid paced strumming guitar track with some great vocals, nice lyrics and groove. A very happy song. I’m your Friend sounds a lot like an Allman Brothers song and features acoustic guitar and a southern rock feel. It even features some pedal steel or slide at the end mixed with a few nature sounds by New Mountain. Badger Boogie has some boogie in it in a slow groove like the Rolling Stones. The things you used to do could be one of the mellow early Humble Pie tracks. Wow.. Mercy is an acoustic track that is a bit like Blackberry Smoke in a way. Another great track. Side B starts off with my favorite track on the record, Brothers of the Canyon. Again reminds me of Doobie Brothers or Marshall Tucker band and the bands jam this one out a bit. Rolling Thunder is a bit of Bob Dylan hidden in it’s sleeve. Water and Sunshine is a bit more rocking and keeps the good time rock and roll flowing. Wasted Years has that southern rock feel to it as well. Running no More ends the record in a laid back and mellow way with some mellotron. I agree with another reviewer, not real heavy, real progressive or really psychedelic but really fucking good! One of my fave records this year. Great job folks..

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