Friday, May 20, 2016

Sulfur City- Talking Loud (Alive Naturalsound 0181-2)

Sulfur City is a totally new band for me from Canada. They are lead by female vocalist/washboard player Lori Paradis. Four guys will out the rest of the band. I have been spinning this one a lot lately. I really like this high energy blues rock and Lori has a cool voice. The CD features 11 tracks of rocking stuff. Whispers starts things off with a great groove. War Going On has awesome lyrics and some nice organ playing, wah guitar and a great flowing bass line and drums. Pockets is another rocking track with a nice Patty Smith like political rant in the middle! Ride with Me slows things down to a more funky smokey feeling. Pity this one fades out just as he starts a guitar solo. Tie my hands to the Floor has a slower pace as well but a good footstomping rhythm later. Sold has a more country blues shuffle but cool stuff with some slide guitar. Kings Highway (not the classic) is another blues shuffle track with a dark theme. Johnny starts with a good rocking guitar and later some more soloing, the most on any of the songs. Tells a hell of a story as well. One day in June slows things down a lot and features some more slide guitar and piano and has a great build and is the longest track on the CD at 6mins. Raise the Hammer brings back a footstomping groove and sing a long. This track features the accordion. You don’t know me ends this blues rocking CD.. All the songs have a lot of singing and not that many solos but I still dug the record. I hope they would jam it out more live.. I wonder if they are one of these hard working and drinking bands that play 200 shows a year and are playing every bar and dive in Canada or just a group that plays every now and then…??

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