Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Mind Flowers and Magic Jove- Lygten’s Kro, København March 20th,. 2015

I have not been to many concerts so far this year but I really wanted to see these two new young bands. I was supposed to go talk to the Gas Giant guys and see them rehearse but it was cancelled so I ended up hanging out with my friend Tom and Kasper at the new record store, Skoven Kalder in Nørrebro.  Tom and I arrived about 2230 and there was a lot of people at this traditional old Danish bodega, bar. The band was set up in the corner of a small pretty dark room. I said hello to Tim, the drummer of Magic Jove, who I know from playing with him in Agusa. He introduced me to the other guys.

          Anyway, the band opened with Ashes of your Soul, a very Robin Trower inspired track that will take you back to 1974! The young band are really amazing at channelling that early 70s hard rock vibe but with a lot of blues mixed in. they are not afraid to stretch things out a bit here and there also. Really nice dynamic between the drummer and the bass player. They have really nice dynamics. Guardian Angel is a mid paced track and again reminds me of Trower. This is a shorter more straight up rock track with a very focused solo. Really good players for such a young band. The next track, Track you Down, was a slower blues track with really passionate singing. Tim did a 3-4 min drums solo, which caught me by surprise. You hardly ever see drum solos these days much less in the 3rd song! Cool… I shot a video of Guardian Angel but it was really dark. Please check out the great video below with the first three songs as played at this show as well. 

All the songs except one were from their two EPS, which you can check out on bandcamp. The band kind of lost the audience a bit on some of the slower bluesy tracks but I thought they were excellent songs. I was really blown away by the band. Very cool.. The band has a new 10” release with 4 tracks following up on their digital only EP called In the Fields from 2014. It is made in only 300 copies.

Set List: Ashes of your Soul, Guardian Angel, Track you Down, Trumlåten, Drag me Down, In Chains, So Long, Black Clouds in Western Skies, Sonic Understanding

The Mind Flowers are a pretty new Danish trio who have a 7” record out on the local, Leviation record label. I had known the drummer and guitarist for some years but never seen this line up play before. The band started off with a track very inspired by House of the Rising Sun by the Animals. They had a cool sound and it was a mix of 60s inspired psychedelic rock, sounding a lot like so many Danish bands (you can only use those same chords and strumming patterns in so many ways!) but when they stepped more into the 70s hard-blues rock, that is when I thought they were best and had a more original sound. I enjoyed it a lot but after a while people started smoking inside and it was a really small room and I could not take it so I had to leave. I think I saw about 45mins of their set. Really excellent playing by all the musicians and the singer has an excellent voice (could have used some more delay on the vocal though!). They have only play playing for a year or so.. Cool band also. Great night of music.

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