Sunday, November 2, 2014

Space Travel 2007-2014 (Trail Records)

This is a promo sampler from the cool Trail Records from New York. It features a lot of really cool bands and focuses on more spacey songs by these bands. The majority of the tracks are from 2010 with only 1 from 2013 and 2014, respectively. I am familiar with most of the bands on here like Siddhartha, Barret Elmore, Sky Cries Mary (who has two tracks), Ole Lukkøye, In the Labrinyth, Polska Radio One and Beyond-o-Matic (2 tracks). The bands that were new for me were Rada and the Blackthorns (who plays a sort of tribal jammed out vibe with the guitar being quite experimental and searching), The Narcotic Daffodils (hypnotic spacey rock with sitar and female vocalizations- great stuff!), and Plootoh (who feature a slow spacey blues track with some beautiful guitar). It is nice to see this label is still releasing some music. I had heard rumors of the new Ole Lukkøye coming out on Trail but sadly have not seen or heard anymore about this. Ther eis one track at the link below here you can preview.

A very cool label releasing world music in the psychedelic and space rock genre.

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