Sunday, November 2, 2014

My Brother the Wind- Once there was a time when time and space were one (Free Electric Sound FES4011)

The cosmic improvisation group from Stockholm are back with another cool studio album to follow up there recently release live at Roadburn record. As their approach (not their sound!) is very similar to the Øresund Space Collective, just set up in the studio and see what happens. This time around though the record is made of mostly shorter pieces, less mellotron and only one very long piece, which makes the experience quite different.  The Prologue opens things with some backwards recordings and space sounds and nice bass lines and fades into Song of Innocence Part 1 and 2. This track has a slow build with some nice guitar with a bit of delay on it that sort of glides over the bass and drums. This lasts about 7½ mins before heading into part 2 which is more uptempo but with some cool guitars and solos. Into the Cosmic Halo starts off with a distinct guitar riff that the band jams on and develops. Misty Mountainside features Ronny on the congas. Garden of Delights is my favourite track on the record and has a cool mysterious start but just builds up into an amazing track and also the longest on the record. It has a sort of eastern flavour as it fades down around 9 mins and a bit of mellotron (choir sounds) sneaks through the mix. Thomas Mera Gartz is a short dreamy piece. The title track is a more searching track with some awesome bass playing. Epilogue, a very mellotron based track closes this record that was recorded on one day in Jan 2013.. Enjoyl…

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