Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Daily Thompson (Bilocation 26)

 I have never heard of this German trio before. This was released before on 141 records digitally but now for the first time on vinyl. The record is a beautiful gatefold and my copy has a marbled orange vinyl that looks cool. The couple of tracks are mid-paced desert stoner rock material with some cool guitars (not many solos though) and a great vocal. Mothman is like a blues stomping track but the vocal reminds me of Fu Manchu. Pretty cool music. Side B starts off with a more uptempo track called I don’t Mind. Moonrising had some really good parts and was a really rocking song. Stray Dog Love is a stoner blues track! Overall, this is a record that I really started to dig after several listens.. I am short on time but check it out….

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