Saturday, August 16, 2014

Deep Space Destructors- III (Self Released)

The Northern Finnish trio, are back with a third release. They also have a special guest in a fellow named Olli, who has constructed some of his own unique sound devices (called the Black Deck) that he mixes into the band’s sound. It features 5 tracks and starts off with Beyond the Black Star. This track kicks in immediately and the band reach maximum cruising speed quite quickly as the a slow spacey groove is reached and some vocals sing the word freedom over and over. The guitar line is really spacey on this track and I wish it was mixed a bit higher actually. Nice track. Spaceship Earth has a fast pace and is driven by a very cool bass line and drums while the guitars play the melodic and spacey lines. Very catchy stuff that really has you flying. The track slows down and becomes a bit more dreamy and you can hear the keyboards a bit more clearly and some windy sounds as the melodic guitar line goes on. There is a bit of an abrupt harder change around 7½ mins. Sometimes this track reminds me of Litmus. Cosmic Burial starts off with some spacey sounds as the guitar line slowly fades up with the rest of the band. This track is more slow and slightly doomy as it takes is course with a cool guitar theme but still that overall spaciness to it. There are some nice layered vocals on this track as well. I love the spacey guitar lines at the end of this track. An ode to an Indifferent Universe is another nice spacey track lasting 15mins, that starts slowly but the bass line eventually drives the track to higher ground as the group takes off. A lot more singing on this track but what a cool groovy ending with a lot of spacey sounds as well. Love the bass line. IIkunien alku is the closer and starts with some spoken words in Finnish and then a high energy, more Hawkwind-Dark Sun like track takes us to the end of the trip. A very cool record and a nice progression from the last. I should also mention a new project that these guys have called the Oulu Space Jam Collective, which sounds cool and like something I would like to join!

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