Sunday, July 7, 2013

Shooting Guns- Spectral Laundromat (Dub Ditch Picnic 1971.038)

I think I read about these guys on The Obelisk and then the tape came in the mail. There are five tracks on the tape and some quite long. It starts off with Deepest Purple (for Krang) which has a very spaced out guitar that is quite loud to start as the band really takes off into space with a crazy mix of keyboards and the two guitars. It is a bit chaotic at times but always moving in the right direction with some intense guitar soloing towards the end of this track. Really rawking and raw stuff. Sitting in the Car, Thinking slows things down is more spacey and slow with some cool guitar and quite psychedelic and floating. Trans Nite is a slower very spacey drone track with a steady build. Quite dreamy. Now you need to flip the tape for Heads Blues. A slow stoned blues track that gradually becomes a bit doomy and very spacey. This is a really cool song (jam). Flair starts with a like false start on the tape and then it starts again and starts with a huge guitar riff and then the 2nd guitar joins in, and then the rest join as the track just gets more and more massive and intense and then the lead guitar kicks in for a while and then it returns to the heavy wall of sound vibrating vibe. A cool new band. I look forward to hearing more by these guys.

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