Sunday, July 7, 2013

Electric Orange- Live at Roadburn 2012 (MPL 911)

I did not even have any idea this was coming our had come out and just stumbled across it. I was at this show and really enjoyed it a lot. This was one of the few really psychedelic things this day. The band was stripped down to a four piece for this show and it features 4 tracks running about 45mins. Raumschaf starts slowly with some delay guitar and a very spacey vibe as the bass player and drummer just keep it slow and building and the focus is on the spaced out guitar. Murk is a much darker and heavier track but also slow and building. The band really starts to take off on the next side. Side B starts off with the groovey and spacey track Sunaut. Donocord starts with some really spaced out synthesizer solos as the piece slowly builds and the guitar comes in with a great wall of fuzz and wah and later the vocals kick in as it gets pretty intense. Great psyched out track and good way to end this LP.

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