Sunday, June 30, 2013

Asunta- Landscapes (Lollipoppe Shop LSCD012)

Asunta is a project by Alik Dziki who is mixing clarinet work by Polish artist Slawomir Golaszewski and Wojceiech Larwacki who plays harmonium. The material was recorded in 1996 in Warsaw. The CD has 8 different landscape pieces ranging from 5 to 13 mins in length. They are all very relaxing pieces of music and not that easy to describe. The CD says it is ambient psychedelia but it is pretty simple and I think you would have to be in a very spaced out trance state, for which this music would be good, to call it psychedelic. I think it is a nice CD and have heard it several times especially on Sunday mornings…  I can’t find a web site to refer you to so you can hear this stuff. Sorry..

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