Sunday, June 30, 2013

Apeskull- Apeskull (Heavy Psych Sounds HPS009)

The very cool label, Heavy Psych Records is back with another cool band. The CD comes in a very cool slip sleeve with great artwork. You get 9 tracks in 45mins of solid rock and roll sounds. Lazy is a great opening track and some nice guitar work by Fulvio. The lead vocals are done by drummer Giuliano. So Deep continues with a nice melodic track and so nice soloing one again and it even has a short drum solo!  Time and Wind slows things down and allows Pierpaolo on the bass to shine a bit. This track is nearly like something you would hear a southern rock band record. Make me Free has a great funky wah guitar riff that starts the track off and might remind you a bit of Hendrix! I got no time is a cover of a German band called Orange Peel. This is another really funky track. It surprises me that they put to funk rock tracks in a row? Both were cool. The later has a great solo! Bluesy, is just like the title says a more bluesy vibe but also a hard hitting riff at times and a lot of different changes. Hookah is more of a late 60s track with a simple riff and melody but great when it kicks into the wah solo section. Now I get You is a short 3½min sort of shuffle track. Take me Back closes the record. If you like melodic hard rock with some great guitar solos and songs, then check these guys out!

          This is a really cool band with great late 60’s early 70s rock sound.

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