Sunday, January 20, 2013

Three Seasons- Understand the World (Transubstans /Headspin Records)

Three Seasons is back with their 2nd full length record and it follows in the footsteps of the last one but is a bit more blues rock oriented. The opening track, Set in Stone will remind you so much of Siena Root. The way the bass line comes in the organ, the guitar riff. Oh yeah, Sartex used to sing with Siena Root. Great 70s sound and vibe and a bit psychedelic effect on the vocal at time. The mid-section features a long organ solo. Searching features a bit more guitar and has a more loose jamming feel to it. Far as far can be starts slowly with a beautiful keyboard line. Sartez sings very passionately on this track and it reminds me of Deep Purple somehow but the guitar is much less dominant. Ain’t got Time is still very organ driven but a bit more aggressive groove and turns into a cool blues rock jam with a great guitar solo. Flip the record over and the title track plays. This is a very melodic track that like the last track becomes a blues style jam. Fantastic vocals. I would be Glad has a pretty cool guitar riff that leads the way on this really grooving one and you even get some cowbell! Maria is a very special song and one of my favourites on the record. A lot of killer dynamics on this instrumental track. Can’t let Go is a really jamming track with great guitar and organ. You can tell the band is really having fun and has a great dynamic. I really want to see these guys live. They only seem to play in the Stockholm area of Sweden and Spain!

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  1. What a shout on this disc, Doc! Transported me back to 70's world, in all its' hammond driven glory. Have ordered up a copy this very day and look forward to smiling endlessly, as I recall (as best as possible) my rock youth.
    Indebted again, sir.