Sunday, January 20, 2013

Eternal Elysium/Sardonis-Ascending Circulation 10” (Hydro-phonic Records HPR258)

Sardonis left Belgium and did a tour in Japan with the great Eternal Elysium. This 10” was released for the tour (I believe after actually). It features one long song by each band. It was released in an edition of 500 copies with 100 on lavender vinyl. Eternal Elysium starts things off quite heavy. The track is mostly slow and heavy but then a groove kicks in with some psychedelic double tracked guitar. Later they really mix it up with some trumpet and saxophone, which changes things totally but this does not last long before the heavy riff comes in again. It is cool to see this band continuing to experiment. Unbound is a slow bluesy track to start before the heavy riff kicks in. It later really picks up pace into a cool jamming track. Flip the record over and the Belgium duo, Sardonis perform on much shorter track called the Ascending. It starts slow and spacey with some samples and xylophone before the huge guitar riff kicks in. It starts slowly but then the track really picks up tempo as Jelle pounds on the drums. The guitar is riffing in a quite melodic tone but Jelle seems to be running away from him until it slows down again. The xylophone adds a nice touch during these slower parts. The track picks up and takes off just as before.

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