Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Cosmic Dead- The Exalted King (Dub Ditch Picnic)

Wow, the Scottish space rock band, the Cosmic Dead are back with a new release on cassette and download only. It is only three tracks but quite long and very spaced out. The title track opens things up and lasts for the next 34 long stoned droned out spaced out minutes… The band have moved from a high energy 1971 Hawkwind vibe to a more drone space sound akin to GNOD on this long track. Evenutally, a quite repetitive and space guitar line leads the way with some awesome bass playing and intense drumming to back it up. It takes as long time for the space sounds to return as this is mostly a trio piece lead by this melodic space guitar line. The band never really take it to a peak unfortunately and one might even get a bit bored but damn they sure have a killer groove going at the end and I love the bass line. The end is more spaced out like GNOD. Anatta is next and 15mins and is a slow build up as well but damn the last 3-4 minutes just really kicks some ass they build up a huge wall of sound. This track blew me away. A bit like BONG but not so doomy. Anaphora starts slowly with some spacey synths and really spaced out vocals (not really possible to understand what he is saying hardly at all due to the long delays and feedbacks). It slowly moans and groans as the drums keep a steady rhythm. The guitar plays a really space repetitive line as the spacey sounds and tempo slowly increase. They maintain a really spaced out vibe and the crazy vocal returns as well. I love that space guitar line. Cool stuff… Oh yeah, this last track is about 20 mins long..

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