Saturday, September 22, 2012

Antibalas- Dirty Money (Daptone Records DAP-028)

The NYC afrobeat group Antibalas are back with their first new CD in 5 years. Damn, we have had to wait a long time. It is 6 songs and 42mins. I am a huge fan of the band and this has been one of my most anticipated records for this year and it does not disappoint (although it could have been longer). It starts off with the brilliant title track, with a great groove and cool lyrics. Check out his video with an edited version of the song. The Rat Catcher is next and has a long instrumental beginning with a cool mid tempo groove and some fantastic horn playing. The female backing vocals are in classic Fela style. Him Belly no go Sweet, starts with a horn, percussion intro before the main rhythm kicks in which is quite slow as the vocals are sung in a Nigerian language with some English. Cool laid back one. Ibéji is a short 6 min track which is led by the bass line and is a bit slower and spacey at times. The last track, Saré kon kon is recorded live but is a new song. This one has a kick ass groove, the horn players are just ripping it up and you can hear the audience really getting into it. A great closer. If you check the liner notes of the cool digipack closely it says it was recorded on 8 tracks, which is pretty cool.. Pretty live stuff.

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