Thursday, November 3, 2011

Candlemass- Doomology Box Set (High Rollers Records)

This is a fucking cool box set. I managed to get one of the ones on silver black blend editions (only 300 copies) and the box includes a slipmat for your turntable with the Candlemass skull, large concert poster from a gig in Uppsala Sweden, 12 page LP sized booklet plus the 7 records I list below!

LP 1: Live Jonkoping 5/9 1987 (First gig ever and decent sound quality and Messiah is only developing his voice as well).
LP 2: Live Buckley Tivoli 17/11 1988  (I collected old Candlemass bootlegs in the old days but never had this concert of the Buckley Tivoli show from 1988. One year later the band are really tighter, and more powerful and some rarely played songs on this double vinyl set. It is a soundboard recording and the vocals are too loud but other than that the sound is good)
LP 3: Live Buckley Tivoli 17/11 1988
LP 4: White Album Demos 2003-2004
LP 5: White Album Demos 2003-2004/Live 1990
LP 6: King Of The Grey Island Demos 2006 (vocals Mats Leven) Studio outtakes except nr 7... M.L. home demo
LP 7: Misc Demos 1992 - 2008

          The demos are not all the interesting unless you focus on the vocals and singing as your favourite thing about Candlemass as musically the demo songs are very close to the final versions, even down to the guitar solos. A very high class set from High Rollers, a label that really knows how to make records. Rumor has it that Candlemass will only make one more record and call it a day. We will see. One of the greatest Swedish bands ever.

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