Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Bevis Frond- Estate 7” (Respect Vinyl 001)

I have to say when it rains it pours down cool new music, sometimes. This is the 2nd new Bevis Frond release in the last month and this is pressed on vinyl and in only 500 copies. It features 4 tracks from Nick’s archives and these have that nice raw garage sound that we really like. I think it’s Time is a real 60s like pop gem with Nick singing his own backing and harmony vocal. It is primarily organ driven like most of the tracks on this EP. She got me Good has a great fuzz guitar and is also very raw. Life Support is a slower organ driven 60s low fi track that really takes off at the end (maybe a bit cliché but very cool). Tell me when I’m Gone has a clearer bit more snotty vocal and harder edged guitar and I loved this one. This is a very cool 7” and totally different from the new record so enjoy this other side of Mr. Saloman!

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