Thursday, December 15, 2022

KISS in the 70s- Every album, every song (Sonic Bond Publishing)

I read this e-book when I was on the plane to the USA (11hrs) and it was extremely interesting. I had never read any biographies about KISS but a lot of articles in rock mags. The author has done a great job of weaving in the history of the band into the music to tell a fantastic story and probably not piss off Paul and Gene!!!!  As with this series, they go thru each and every album but in this case, the author (Peter Gallagher) sort of groups the albums in 2 and they are discussed in that context.  After a pretty good and long introduction of how they all started and went from Wicked Lester to KISS, we get into the albums.. It is pretty clear that the early albums got very mixed reviews and sold pretty poorly, while the bands live shows were growing and growing..  It was not looking good for the band after the first 3 albums and it was decided to do a live album, which was not at all live in the end. I used to spin this in my bedroom a lot in the mid 70s and still love it but it was pretty disappointing to find out that the only think “live!” about Kiss Alive is the drums. Everything except the drums and the talking… Everything..  so basically the message was that everyones playing sucked except for Peter!!! They replaced everything else??? Seems they did this with Kiss Alive II as well.  Anyway, this live in the studio greatest hits record broke the band out big.  

It was interesting to read that in 1978 when all the solo albums came out and Peter and Ace were not at all getting along or contributing a lot of songs to the albums, their solo albums sold the best! Ace the highest selling and Gene the lowest!! It was a bit of rollercoaster for a while and then hits like Beth and I was made for Loving you, put KISS on a huge worldwide status, which was really tough for them to follow and they never really did.  the band fell apart in the early 80s with Criss and Ace leaving and all sorts of people coming in and overproducing and co-writing and so much was left on Paul´s shoulders as Gene had become disillusioned and got into acting and other distractions and taken his eye off the ball, that was KISS..  Anyway, cool story of a once great band… 

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