Thursday, November 10, 2022

Pink Floyd- Animals 2018 (Pink Floyd Records)

I have been waiting for this for years to come out.  Animal has always been such a special and amazing Pink Floyd record.  It made very strong political statements about the world, which sadly have become much much worse than when Roger wrote these 45 years ago!!  I was very surprised that the deluxe edition did not include any live or studio demos of the Raving and Drooling (Sheep) and You have got to be Crazy (Dogs), which the band debuted on the Winter 74 tour and ended up abandoning and recording what you hear on Wish you were here.. I guess they did have some multitrack or studio versions).  I know live versions of these did appear on the Wish you were here Immersion box set, so no point in repeating a live version here. 

Anyway, it is a very nice package and for me, I felt I needed to hear the original first, then the new 2018 mix and then the 5.1 mix.. Otherwise how can you compare them???  I the flat high resolution transfer of the original mix sounds really great.  Maybe not quite as good as my Japanese pressing but really good.  As for the new mix, the main feeling I had was that the drums are more clear in the mid-high end but I also felt that this also made the cymbals clash a bit with the acoustic guitar on some of those parts. Anyway, they were very faithful to the original. As for the 5.1 mix, it is just more spacious.. Some things have more air and placement in the soundspace in the room. That is pretty cool. I had hoped that they would use the rear speakers a bit more but they did not..   Anyway, I for sure feel in love with album all over again…   Dog is one of the greats tracks up there with Echoes for me..

Pink Floyd

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