Saturday, October 23, 2021

Sula Basana- Loop Station Drones (Sulatron st 2108)

I have been listening to these really cool tracks as Dave has added them slowly to bandcamp and really enjoyed them a lot.  These tracks are recorded live with a loop station guitar, effect pedals, 2 loop stations, 2 guitar amps, a syncable drum computer, a very old organ from GDR (Weltmeister TO 200/5), a very old synthesizer (Roland SH 5) and a modern one (Roland SE-02). 

The Roadburn haze was debuted back in April and what an awesome track this is.. A very dark and cool guitar line and quite hypnotic. Killer track. Rolling is all synth based. Die Karawane has a slow spacey start and some nice building guitar with some beautiful melodies..  Wastelandgarden is a very dark, brooding synth track with a bit of delay guitar. Dopeshuttle is very slow and droney to start. Bass sort of reverberates and some guitar effects fly around a bit here and there and a nice breeze and some SH-5 bubbles burst here and there.. and then the motorik drums kick in and off you go for an intense trip….  Stargate is another long but slow track but this one stays in drone mode with some trippy guitars and stuff all the way through. One Way is the last track and my least favourite but it has a beautiful melody and is perhaps just a bit too happy..   Great release. 

Roadburn Haze    14:59, 2. Rolling In Outer Space    5:04, 3. Die Karawane der Unsterblichen    13:41, 4. Wastelandgarden    6:41, 5. Dopeshuttle    17:45, 6. Stargate    14:05, 7. One Way    6:03

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