Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Heavy Trip- Heavy Trip (Burning World Records BWR068)

This is a new Canadian band.  This was released back in 2020 as a limited vinyl release in 500 copies. BWR has now released it on a CD. It features 4 tracks just like the LP and comes in a nice digipack with cool artwork. The trio rip out the jams with some way guitar furry and heavy riffs fro the first side of the record, ala Earthless, Madmess, early The Machine, etc.. Side 2 starts with a bit slower more stoned track but the guitar is totally ripping!!!  At 5mins though they really kick it up another notch. Perfect music to just light one up and fly!!  Track 4,  Treespinner is for sure the most doom oriented one with some cool flanger effects mixed in as well. Quite psychedelic guitar after the 7 min point. I really dug these guys.. Cool release.. 


  1. I totally missed these guys last year but saw the re-release a few weeks ago.
    The 4 tracks kicks major ass! :)

    1. Also, thanks for the time put into your blog.
      Finding cool albums here and there.
      Regards, Dan the Swede up North. :)